I got broken up with on New Year’s Eve of last year. I was balling my eyes out when everyone counted down to midnight. I’m not going to elaborate on how awful this breakup was. But, I truly believed that this guy was “The One”. Letting him go was devastating. It changed me. 

Anyways, being that I was given quite literally a fresh start on January 1st, 2017, I decided to write my own little twist of a “Year In Review” post for the New Year! 

This year is one of the most significant of my life. I learned so much about myself. I grieved & I healed. Then I made art.  I cultivated sweet new habits out of self-love. I traveled. I leaned into my relationships with friends and family. I grew so much in my Faith in God. I did things that terrified me.

 In fact, if I could label my year with one word it would be BOLDNESS. I feel so brave and free. I learned how to live in the present without fear and guilt, or at least I’m learning!

I’m so grateful for all the heartache that happened in 2016 that set me up for such a year of enlightenment and strength. And I wanted to point out that I couldn’t have done any of this without first breaking down and being pushed to “start over”. That’s why I gave this post the title it has, instead of “Year In Review”. 

So without further ado, here are my 20 things that happened in 2017, after losing “The One”.

Oh, & if ya see him, please let him know I said thank you! 😉

1. I went to Colorado and saw a concert at the Red Rocks. I hiked through the Garden of the Gods & Pike’s Peak!

2. I started THIS BLOG!

3. I went to the Florida Keys, three times.

4. I joined a Bible Study & made life-long friends.

5.I started a freelance writing business. Dauntless Done Write.

6. I moved to NASHVILLE!

7. I got my first sponsorship! Torch Eyewear!

8. I got two cuts on my friend Ryan’s Summer Release & Fall EP (Runnin’ out of stars & Current Situation)!

9. This hasn’t happened yet, but I’ve already reserved my spot so I’m including it! As of spring 2018, I will be a certified Yoga Teacher!

10. I played the House of Blues with my band!

11. I achieved a headstand in my Yoga practice.

12. I started rock climbing and I am a badass at it.

13. I released an EP for the first time in years! My album, “3”.

14. I quit drinking! (With the exception a few holiday slip ups, hehe.)

15. I discovered & watched all of The Office multiple times. (This IS an accomplishment.)

16. I hit 15k+ on my music Instagram!

17. I went to Cedar Key for the first time.

18. I witnessed the Eclipse in August from the best viewing state in the US!

19.I went on tons of spontaneous trips. Fort Myers Beach, Stuart, & visited my friend Brenda in Georgia!

20. I got completely off of my medication for anxiety and learned how to handle my attacks with holistic methods (Or at least, I am learning) 🙂 I also learned that there is NOTHING WRONG with me!!

There they are! Not the biggest, but a big deal for me!

For the record, he WAS NOT “The One”, I just thought he was. A little bit of time and perspective showed me that he was far from the guy for me!!! BUT, I intentionally named this post to prove to other women struggling with the same things, all the stuff that you can accomplish in fear and loneliness and come out even stronger and happier.

This year was a year of moving on and humbly learning. A year of BOLDNESS. Broken hearts make art. They teach lessons. Broken hearts make you BRAVE! So embrace your broken heart, because you’ll soon find, that it was never truly broken. And that second chances come right when you least expect them.

Now for 2018, that will be a year of conquering the world!

Thanks for reading! What’s on your list? Comment below!

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