There is nothing more annoying than clutter. So being that it’s a New Year and all, I decided to share my email secrets to help ya out. Around this time last year, I had thousands of emails and it drove me out of my mind! Then, I found two apps that changed my life.

Here is How To Organize Your Email!


This website is magical. It allows you to quickly “unsubscribe” from junk email (It actually immediately send them to your spam so that you aren’t notified, but still). You can also decide which emails you want to keep in your inbox too.

The first few days it took quite some time, but now, I just login and clean it up every week or so and it keeps my inbox pretty clean!

Also, it has this really cool feature called a “roll up” that allows you to receive multiple newsletters or coupons that you want, but all rolled up into one email.  You can choose to receive roll ups in an email daily or weekly right to your inbox! This is great for coupons.

Did I mention that this service is free too? It’s a game changer! Check it out here.


Another magnificent service. I downloaded Spark about a year ago from the App Store. It has completely changed the way I do email!

What makes this platform so much better than the rest is its handy features and functionality. I use the “Pins” all the time to prioritize & remind myself of important emails. The “Snooze” reminder is also a plus.  You can hook multiple emails up to Spark and create folders for each of them. There is also “Smart Folders”. With this feature, your email is automatically sorted into it’s designated folder. 

Basically, I love Spark because it speeds up and organizes my workflow. It is smart and functional and helps me to prioritize my correspondence. 


So I just want to include my own system of organization with Spark email.

For each email, I have a folder named INBOX or RESPOND SOON. These are emails, that after I read them, I need to do something that is relevant to the email before I can respond, so I sort them into this folder until I’m done with that task.

I use the pinning feature for emails already dealt with but that I will need to continue to refer back to. An obvious example is a concert ticket order or account information for a partner.

Then you can organize more folders & smart folders how you like, as I did.

There are so many cool features on this innovative app that I havent even included. I suggest you check out the site!

That’s All, Folks.

So there you have it! Those are the two tools that I use. They have completely changed the way that I do email! I hope that these tips helped. Comment any questions below. Also, if you have any suggestions for me to check out, please let me know!

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