Poem Time: North River

Poem Time: North River

The woods sparkle tonight With lightening bugs, they say But if I had to I would Name it magic, anyway

I ponder love I’ve lost And love yet to be consumed Imagining adventures That have yet to be presumed

And life is but a wave In which joy will ebb and flow But here inside this sanction You would never even know

Gratitude possesses me And fills me with it’s light As the flames dance And the stars glow And the woods sparkle tonight

The woods sparkle tonight Bouncing sweetly tree to tree But the river isn’t bothered And it carries on dutifully

I’m reminded of my youth That so-called simpler time But the hands that made life less than simple Now, are only mine

I call upon my wisdom As it seems to reside here In nature’s own sweet stillness And her chaos without fear

And time will not stop for anyone In her reckless raging might But the embers still burn And the earth still turns And the woods sparkle tonight

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