Well, ya’ll, it’s finally 2018!!! Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Although I hear some people believe that January 1st is an arbitrary date to start fresh on, I can’t help but love the feeling of starting all over at 1/1. 

I just have ONE New Years Resolution this year.

It is to not look at my phone EVER when someone is talking to me. I have noticed how much it hurts my feelings and annoys me when people do this to me and I don’t want to be that person. So, In a way, my even broader goal is to be passionately present in my life & the lives of others and make them feel heard!

Okay, maybe TWO Resolutions. 

The second one is to be more giving with my time & money. To let the spirit lead me to give gifts that I feel will touch people. Also, I want to counsel others in need. I want a giving and compassionate heart. 

Lastly, 5 mini goals for this year. Mostly for my own indulgence to look back on.

  1. Travel to at least 5 states in my Airstream.
  2. Start a touring band out of Nashville.
  3. Release my new album!
  4. Create a thriving and supportive community through this blog.
  5. Learn more things. (Italian, pottery making, & sewing are the first things that come to mind.)

WOOHOO! Here we go! Time to watch another year fly by, joyfully!

What are your resolutions or goals? I want to know! Comment below, my loves.


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