I don’t think many people know this because I don’t tell people often, You especially don’t know it if you’re here from my music page, but it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

I’m a Barista! Not a particularly good one. But one, nonetheless.

Yup. I prided myself on being a self-employed musician & writer doing quite well for myself up until I moved to Nashville and my cost of living went up by about 1,000 dollars a month. 

So I got a job at a coffee shop I liked to go to, working two days a week. I normally hate “real jobs”. But I LOVE this one! Being around other creatives, and seeing them work on their projects is so inspiring to me. Also, making coffee is fun! And my co-workers are weird like me so I love them.

About a month ago I started thinking about the fact that even in normal circumstances, you can still spread love and light to your community. I think the reason I love this little side job is that I can do just that. I joke around with customers and get to know them. I love to see their smile when I have their regular drink order already ready for them. Recently, I started silently saying a little prayer over my customers coffee as I made it for them. This is it-

“I bless you with peace, prosperity, abundance, and the presence of God.”

And of course, if it was really busy I would just think, “Bless you.”

Coming to my job with this mindset has been so cool and joyful for me. Obviously, I have no future in the coffee business, nor do I want one. But I still feel proud of the work I am doing when I am there because I believe we all have the same true purpose: to spread love, light, and gratitude.

The reason I share this is that I want to inspire others to come at their jobs and lives from a mindset of blessing others instead of selfishness. I find that I am a lot crankier if I think about myself and my worries and my problems all day, rather than helping and caring for others. You truly can do ANY mundane task for the glory of God and/or to better humanity, if you approach it with that intention. Every single act can be an act of worship. That is so beautiful to me.

This leads to the second ritual I have recently begun practicing in my life:

Gratitude for EVERY. LITTLE. THING.

I’ve been reading and listening to a lot on this topic and felt like I was being led to stay in a mindset of gratitude for my own health and happiness.

So the other day, on the way to work, I thanked God for the fact that I woke up and my heart was still beating, for the green light, the safe drive, the morning breakfast, the interaction with my favorite customer, the email from a reader that touched my heart, the song that came on while I was working, etc.

& what a WORLD of difference it made on my mood and my day. Gratitude attracts good things and takes the focus off of you and puts it back on God.

My point in all of this, regardless of whether or not you are a Christian, is that life is MUCH better when you stop thinking about yourself so much and start serving others as well as appreciating what you have. We take everything for granted.

Gratitude + Serving your community = A Rich, Fulfilled Life

If you made it to the end of this ramble. thank you! I appreciate you reading. How do you serve your community?

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