As you all know, I struggle with depression & anxiety and I have since adolescence. This year, I want to be more creative, spiritual and experimental in my ways to combat it. If you struggle with these as well, I think this will be really exciting and helpful for you. OR even if you are just “normal” and have not been diagnosed with anything, I believe these will help you live a happier life. You still have stress too! Here are things I’m trying or have tried for my anxiety/depression this year.

1. Hypnosis – This WORKED for me! Basically, you are finding the root of your beliefs and changing it. I felt legitimately lighter after getting hypnotized. Emotional baggage was dissolved. I intend to do hypnosis much much more.

2. Sandplay Therapy – Haven’t done this yet, but my hairdresser recommended it. Basically, you make a scene in a sandbox with figurines and talk about life and it is awesome. So creative. I hate therapy. This literally makes me excited to go to therapy.

3. More Art – I checked my community adult education classes & signed up for pottery and creative writing.. Art is a creative form of meditation!

4. Acupuncture – Have not tried this one yet either. BUT I’ve heard amazing things!!

5. Yoga – You already know. I swear by Yoga. I also, just recently learned it is one of the few forms of exercise that doesn’t raise your Cortisol levels. More yoga!!

6. Hormones & Supplements – Speaking of Cortisol, I just recently became aware of the fact that you can balance your hormones, instead of masking your symptoms with medication. I will be doing a lot of investigating into which hormones in my body are in overdrive or depleted. Right now I take like, all of the vitamins and CALM for magnesium (It works, by the way). I’m going to look into more supplements to help lower cortisol and raise dopamine levels, etc.

7. Massage – Pretty self-explanatory. Your body carries your stress in it!

I can’t wait to try all of these & do some more. I’ll keep you posted on everything. I hope this helped someone out and got them excited to take care of themselves & their minds!!

Thanks for reading! Do you have any out of the box methods for dealing with anxiety & such? Let me know, cause I want to try it all!

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