I am a big believer that positive thinking can truly change what happens to you and how you perceive it. Adopting this belief has changed my life. So, for my own enjoyment, and to help anyone else in need of a little boost, I compiled a list of my all-time favorite affirmations. I repeat these to myself in the morning, write them on sticky notes, and meditate with them. Repetition of these positive and empowering phrases will manifest beautiful change in your life!

1. Assured of purpose.


2. Surrounded by love.


3. Free from self-judgement.

4. Present.

5. Secure.

6. Setting Healthy Boundaries.

7. Divine.

8. Confident in your own self.

9. Free of the past.

10. In perfect health.

There you have it. I hope you will write these down, print them, etc. and use them to create good in your life. Love yourself!

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