I brag about my Airstream all the time but I sure don’t post about it much, do I? The reason for this is because it has been a work in progress for the past 2 years, so it hasn’t been very photogenic or exciting. But I got a lot of work on it done over Christmas, and she is pretty much there! So if you haven’t met her yet, here is Phoebe, my 1968 Airstream Tradewind! I bought her when I was 19 years old to fix up and tour/travel in.

She’s not finished yet, but I want to take you on a tour so you can see how she is lookin’ so far. Updates will be more regular from here on!

Here is my living room. This is a pull-out bed and there is a pull-out table right next to it. There is also TONS of storage! 

Here is my favorite part, the kitchen! My Dad & I made these custom countertops with vintage maps and I love them dearly. You can see the tutorial custom map countertops here!

Custom painted stove. ALL the pink, please!

I can’t wait to cook here!

Also, this dishtowel completes this space. Who doesn’t love a sassy dish towel?

Here is a view of the living room & our homemade end grain flooring from the hallway. 

This is the hallway. My Dad & I made this end grain flooring ourselves. Tutorial coming soon!

This is where my stand up desk space is going! Not much here yet. 

Lastly, welcome to my bathroom! I had this space custom painted pink when I first bought it. You shouldn’t even be surprised by this at this point.

Vanity space! I adore this tiny mirror.

Yes, this is an awful picture, but we were still in the midst of laying on the polyurethane so the lighting opportunities weren’t at best. My dad painted this for me with spray paint and we used a stencil to make the compass. 

There you have it! The pictures are not the best because I am still in the process of cleaning and renovating the space, so it is kind of impossible to set up good lighting & stuff. I truly apologize for that! But I had to post anyway because I really wanted to be able to share where it’s at so far. This year will bring lots of travels and fun projects with Phoebe!

Thanks for reading! What do you think of Phoebe? Do you have an RV or van that you travel in?

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