Hey! I’m Megan, the rainbow-haired founder of Well Dressed Mess. Thanks for stoppin’ by!

I created this blog in December of 2016 after a horrendous breakup and long battle with anxiety medication, simply because I always wanted to start one and I thought it would cheer me up. 

What started out as an effort to distract myself from and heal my pain, soon took on a life of its own and marked the beginning of a sweet community centered around being/loving yourself & life in all its messiness!

My intentions are to help others live a happier, colorful, and more authentic life with my content & be inspired to adventure wherever their creativity takes them! Another major reason I started WDM was to help fight the stigma that comes with anxiety and depression, which I have suffered from myself. Talking about it on here seems to be therapeutic to me and others.

Oh, and I like to use this space to document my work & travels on my Airstream travel trailer. Here is “Phoebe”, named after my favorite character from “Friends” TV show. She is 50 years old! But her explorations are far from over. 

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Let’s Connect!

Being strange is totally welcome here, but don’t be a stranger! Please drop a comment or send me a message to say hello. 

Some Random Nuggets About Me

  • I love Jesus!
  • I founded a freelance copywriting business, Dauntless Done Write. I’m for hire 🙂 Check it out here!
  • 21 years of age as of St. Patty’s Day, 2017!
  • I love crescent moons and cacti.
  • Give me planners and to-do lists or give me death!
  • I have anxiety and depression and use meditation/yoga to combat it. I also like to talk about it on here!
  • Vinyl > Mp3’s
  • If you take me to a bookstore or an antique shop, don’t expect to get out of there for a few hours.
  • Destiny’s Child, TLC, and JoJo = My Jam
  • My favorite colors are all of them, EXCEPT ORANGE.
  • I love transparency and having heart-to-hearts with strangers. 

I am so incredibly grateful to all the readers of Well Dressed Mess. Thank you so much for letting another dreamer know that they aren’t just a “shout in the void”. Love you guys!

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